When midnight strikes, young Clara’s enchanted gift of a nutcracker leads her into a wondrous world… with the valiant Nutcracker Soldier at her side, Clara journeys to the Land of Snow and the Kingdom of Sweets. There, the Sugar Plum Fairy bids everyone to dance in her honor.

Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” is a cherished tradition, an essential part of every little girl (and boy’s) holiday fun. What better way to introduce them to the beauty of ballet, live theater and the fun of the holidays?

This December, the all-male, Men In Tutus, brings us their hilarious version of The Nutcracker – music by Tchaikovsky, (some) choreography by Petipa, (a bit more) by Balanchine, and a lot more by Victor Trevino – together, the perfect festive celebration for the whole family.


… love Grandiva’s Men In Tutus even if you are not a ballet buff – New York Post

If you are a ballet aficionado with an open mind, you will be enthralled – L.A. Times

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! – New York Daily Times

Grandiva’s Men In Tutus is sheer brilliant entertainment – Japan Times

This group is absolutely the best and most enjoyable I have seen – San Francisco Chronicle

Men in Tutus – picSome of the best male ballet dancers in the world, en pointe, sheer brilliance –
Bolshoi Ballet’s Vladamir Moiseev

Resplendent in frilly white outfits and pointe shoes, the ballerinas of Grandiva execute the most demanding moves of their art with technical precision and amazing grace – Japan

With absolutely brilliant choreography, they make it possible … to instinctively understand that they are hilariously mocking the poses and tableaus of the classic art form – Dance

Choreographer Trevino duplicates every impossible Bolshoi – inspired, upside down, hang by a toenail, wrap around the neck lift –

Grandiva’s highly sophisticated mix of pure side splitting comedy, combined with a deep and
esoteric reference to both classical and modern ballet is stunning – London’s Daily Mirror

… not a drag show, but a brilliant artistic & comical send up of the world of dance – USA Today

Just as Matthew Bourne did with “Swan Lake”, attracting audiences with a bunch of masculine swans, Grandiva draws laughter with elaborate, exaggerated movements and a twist of the classical ballet formula – The Korea Times

Grandiva demonstrates essential dance qualities, a profound sense of rhythm, gorgeously shaped phrasing, palpable joy in motion and lion hearted courage in performance – all too rarely seen these days in the highest temples of art – Village Voice New York